Friday, 7 August 2020

Woke: an Old Word with a New Meaning

I’m only an ordinary bloke
And used to think the word “woke”
Was just the past tense of a verb, nothing more.
But now it’s a new adjective
Applied to folk sensitive
Who social and racial injustice abhor.

At times a militant Woke
Will cancel an ordinary bloke
Who offers a different opinion than he.
Offence may be quite unintended
But the very least said, soonest mended,
Oppositional viewpoints not accepted, you see.

(Ordinary bloke protests)
“It was only my personal view,
And nothing to do with you, 
It was certainly not my intention to slight.”

(Militant Woke responds)
“Despite your earnest confession,
Twas an act of microaggression,
To not be offended, that is my right!”

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